5 Easy steps from start to finish

We schedule an appointment with you at your home to discuss your project ideas, desire, and budget. Please allow at least an hour for this meeting. At this initial, no-charge consultation and site visit, we take photos of the area involved in the proposed project. We may be able to provide you with estimated costs based on the level of detail discussed.

After initial consultation is completed, we will present our full design, budget, timeline, and scope of work. We uses a 3D modeling and drafting program to produce design visuals that allow you to see what the finished project will look like. Again, just like what we promise we will work around your budget.

Upon accepting the proposal from Kokua Construction Inc., we can begin the contract phase. In the contract you will find Project Proposal Form which contains basic informaiton such as owner and company's contact information, scope of work, company proposal, list of job description and cost,and the phases of the payments.

After signing the contract, the construction will begin according to the contract start date. During the construction if you have any question or concern please let us know right away.

After construction is completed, we go over our work with a fine tooth comb. In fact, the last payment is not due until we have made our reviews and mark items off our checklist.