Sean N

from Waikiki

Danny and the crew from Kokua Construction are incredible. As a customer, I can feel that their number one priority is my satisfaction with the job. I have used them for multiple full renovation projects and highly recommend Kokua Construction for anyone looking for a solid local contractor. Punctual, professional, friendly, experienced, trustworthy, and great work. What more could you ask for?

Cherly R

from Hawaii Kai

A few months ago, Danny and his crew renovated our kitchen, three bathrooms and flooring for the entire house. As the worked progressed, we thought of other things we wanted done in the house and Danny very graciously agreed to do the extra work. Since we lived in the house while the renovations were being done, we could see the progress daily. The crew worked diligently and efficiently and the renovations were completed in five weeks. Danny takes pride in the work being done and personally oversaw the project every day and it showed in the final product.

Recently, we wanted additional work done outside of the house so we contacted Danny again. He willingly accepted the job and started work within a few days. The crew lead by Arturo did a fantastic job on the work we wanted done. They especially went the extra mile when they installed overhead steel racks in our garage. Because of the steel beams and placement of the studs in our garage, it was a challenge to install the racks. But they somehow managed to figure it out and found the perfect place to install the racks.

We give Danny/Kokua Construction a thumbs up in addition to the five stars!

Michelle T

from Pearl City

First and foremost, I would like to thank all the crew at Kokua construction for all the hard work they put in.

We recently purchased a 3 bedroom/ 2 bathroom apartment in Moanalua. Needed a full interior renovation. Kokua Construction gave us fair price. Workmanship was top notch. NO PUNCH-LIST (can you believe that?) :)
SO HAPPY !!! Not only that, the preparation process was too easy. Project manager took care of the condo documents and letter to the board for approval.

We are so happy with how our apartment turned out. It's EXACTLY what we were hoping for and more. We listen to friends talk about what a challenge they had to go through. We had just the opposite experience. We were almost sad to be done. Even though we know they had other projects going on, we always felt like we were your most important priority. We can't say enough about the job you do.

Again HUGH MAHALO to the team. I would highly recommend Kokua Construction to anyone who need interior renovation.

Joyce B

from Mc Cully

Renovating an apartment/home is extremely stressful but Danny really went out of his way to make the process as easy as possible for us. We needed a complete overhaul of our really old apartment one-bedroom unit in a high-rise from the flooring installation, building a closet, tear down of the kitchen, new cabinets, walls, new carpet, french doors, lighting, electric, plumbing...

During his free in-home estimate, he brought up a lot of good suggestions and considerations we hadn't considered. He was always very honest with us from the beginning which we really appreciated. We told him what we wanted and he would tell us if that wouldn't work or if he had a better idea rather than just doing whatever we wanted, he would help us make better decisions. He tried to save us money at every step but made sure quality was always still there. He accommodated many requests as we were travelling internationally during half the renovation and would pick up items on our behalf at stores that we forgot to get. While we were travelling, he would make sure to keep in touch, sending pictures and updates. He was always in touch even on weekends/nights..which we felt a little bad about. He was willing to meet us at home improvement stores to help us pick out items if needed. We also have very strict apartment rules and limited construction hours which he would work around and never seemed fazed by.

Basically, his company completed the project ahead of schedule, on budget and saved us money along the way (so I guess underbudget). We can't even recognize our apartment now. We love the way it turned out and he was easy to work with. He also added a few things we didn't even ask for just because he thought we needed it like a new garbage disposal. I would recommend him because he went above and beyond to make the apartment exactly what we wanted it to be and then even a little more.

Last year, we bought a condo in Waikiki and needed a complete renovation. We got quotes from a few contractors but Danny was the most responsive, and his price was fair. He was very accommodating and would answer my texts and phones calls even after hours and on weekends. His quote for the entire project was clear, no hidden costs, and they had 3D drawings of the kitchen and bathroom before work started to ensure accuracy. We gutted everything and had a full major construction: new kitchen, new bathroom, converted tub to shower, new flooring... everything was new. The project was scheduled for 6 weeks, with some hiccups along the way and delays with the work, but overall, the project was completed on schedule. Danny was reliable  throughout the entire renovation and  delivered everything as promised.

A year had passed, one of the recessed lights stop working, turned out to be the transformer. I tried replacing it myself but due to the recessed nature, I couldn't get to the wiring. I called Danny, asked if he could help find the part and replace the burnt-out transformer. He sent over his electrician a couple of weeks later with the right part and fixed it for free. It would have cost me $250 to hire an electrician on my own.

Danny was great to work with, very professional and personable. If you're looking for a great contractor, I highly recommend him.

Xuan N

from Waikiki